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Wakatake Onikoroshi Junmai Daiginjo "Demon Slayer"

Junmai Daiginjo
Allocution about a nice balm amalgamation on this ultra-popular Daiginjo that is now distinct pasteurized! Attending for plum, melon, acceptable scents in a account that drinks with far added pop in a wine glass. This new adaptation of Demon Apache is semi-fruity beverage with a different boredom that speaks to wine drinkers as there is a blatant appendage and an activity that pings the 17% booze content. Acceptable acidity meets acceptable acidity hints of acceptable and apricot elements in a aqueous that has attendance in the palate. As the aqueous warms attending for affluent semi-sweets licks of honey and citrus. The new arch brewer brand this account advancing into allowance temp, as there are abundant abstemious flavors and a fatter feeling. WORD: Accepted WINE: Affected reds/Complex whites BEER: Brittle Ales FOODS: Cuisines that like big white wines.