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Calling All Red Wine Drinkers

So you adulation red wines? It’s your jam. We get it! But authority your hat, because there are abounding ample and circuitous red wine characteristics in sake. Heck, there are alike “Tannin-like” account that leave the aficionado dry and peaked. This set of  brews will address to those who like complication and abyss in their wines, and in best cases these account accept college acidity levels that can attempt with wine. (Typically, account has 1/3 the acidity of wine.) If you dig your red wines you will accept a ton of fun with this set. 

1) Yuho Junmai "Eternal Embers"

  • Deep and smooth. This able Junmai is a blitz of abounding flavors that ample the aficionado as it leaves the bottle. Attending for the legs on the abandon of the glass, and adore the abyss and complexities that are begin in Bittersweet and Sauvignon wines. This is chewy and ample advantage in rice form. 

2) Boucho Tsuru Muroka “Legendary Crane”

  • This is a new apple Junmai that is about airy in nature, but it evolves into a affluent Junmai as it warms. Allocution about brewing techniques to abduction complexity, this babyish is congenital so well. Active up front. Again it boring changes into a affluent and fun ride. Which appeals to those who like their dry red wines. 

3) Mana 1751 Tokubetsu Yamahai Junmai Muroka Genshu "True Vision"

  • This beverage is alien by a aggregation that alone deals in Argentinian wines and Japanese sake, and is a big adumbration on what’s central this appropriate bottle. Brewed application the age-old Yamahai technique, it is not charcoal filtered so it is a big bad beverage that is as circuitous as account can get. Absolutely a red wine beverage that speaks to those who like aggressive the abundance of complication to accomplish abundant heights in activity and flavor. 

4) Dewazakura Omachi "Jewel Brocade"

  • Just like there are grape varietals in the wine world, there are altered brewing rice varietals in the account world. This outstanding affluent and counterbalanced beverage is fabricated with one of the best acclaimed affiliated strains of brewing rice. Which has accustomed bearing to the all-inclusive majority of all brewing rice. Omachi rice is what  gives this beverage the attitude that drinks like red wines. Aqueous complexity, but actual able-bodied counterbalanced in your big glass. 

5) Ten to Chi Junmai Daiginjo “Heaven and Earth”

  • Called Heaven and Apple this Junmai Daiginjo is altered from best Daiginjo. This drinks added bawdy rather than fruity. It’s dry/ average bodied, and has a actual affable umami field. Some red wines can be declared as “gamey” and that is absolutely how this beverage drinks with hints of affluent apple tones on a affable fluid. Dry red wine admirers booty note. 

6) Wakatake Onna Nakase Junmai Daiginjo "Makes Women Cry"

  • It’s not actual generally a brewery will alarm their sake; that it is so adorable a sake, “That makes women cry.” Catch a beverage that is so beauteous it is not accessible alfresco the bounded brewing breadth in Shizuoka prefecture. It’s not accessible in Tokyo, but it is accessible in the US. A absolutely red-wine-like beverage that has endless of flavors and a continued brittle tail. Bordeaux admirers booty note.
  • Yuho Junmai

    Yuho Junmai "Eternal Embers"


    Another affluent and abounding bodied Ishikawa Junmai with a adenoids fabricated up of musky, tangerine, yeast, caramel, and adapted rice aromas. This is a abysmal and sm...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Boucho Tsuru Muroka “Legendary Crane”

    Boucho Tsuru Muroka “Legendary Crane”

    Junmai Muroka Genshu

    The adenoids on this new appearance Junmai is an absorbing accumulating of candied corn, melon, angel pie, candied peas, and honey tea aromas. Say accost to a ve...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Mana 1751 Tokubetsu Yamahai Junmai Muroka Genshu

    Backbone 1751 Tokubetsu Yamahai Junmai Muroka Genshu "True Vision"


    The adenoids on this appropriate account is an immense accumulating of earthy, musky, hoppy, burnt rice, and auto bark aromas. Say accost to one of “Those” sake...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Dewazakura Omachi

    Dewazakura Omachi "Jewel Brocade"

    Junmai Ginjo

    The adenoids on this – yet addition alarming account from Dewazakura – is abounding with honey, flower, aflame rice, and auto bark aromas. Bingo! What an exc...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Ten to Chi Junmai Daiginjo “Heaven and Earth”

    Ten to Chi Junmai Daiginjo “Heaven and Earth”

    Junmai Daiginjo

    The adenoids on this actual different Daiginjo is a air-conditioned accumulating of rice, soil, acknowledgment and aureate aromas. This beverage tastes like “Heaven and Earth” affluent and...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Wakatake Onna Nakase Junmai Daiginjo

    Wakatake Onna Nakase Junmai Daiginjo "Makes Women Cry"

    Junmai Daiginjo

    The adenoids on this “Exclusive” and awash out account in Adorn is a accumulating of oatmeal, adapted grains, aflame rice, cantaloupe and chestnut elements. ...

    Appearance abounding details