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My name is Chris Cabrera aka CABS and I've been in the account industry back 2015. Afterwards alive as the Accepted Administrator of Umami Exchange in Oakland California, it is an account and a advantage to alarm Accurate Account my new home base.

In 2018 beneath the administration of Account Samurai Toshio Ueno, I am additionally a Sake Adviser certified by the Account Academy of America (via the Account Account Convention in Japan).

In April 2021, I've becoming my Sake Scholar certification beneath the advice of Account Samurai, Michael Tremblay aka Toronto's admired son.

In November 2021, I've becoming my Level 3 Accolade in Sake from the Wine & Spirit Apprenticeship Assurance accomplished by Jesse Pugach and KJ Rizzo.

I've been advantageous abundant to biking to Adorn a scattering of times, and was able to appointment assorted breweries and tasting rooms, as able-bodied as appear my aboriginal anytime Account no Jin in Niigata. These are adventures I will never forget. I'm attractive advanced to administration my ability and ability actuality at Accurate Sake, and affair adolescent account nerds, lovers, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts.

Some quick picks from me, new picks with asterisks (updated 1/25/2022):

Harushika Junmai Daiginjo "Spring Deer" - I went to Nara in 2019 for the aboriginal time, and it was actually beautiful. But, I didn't anticipate so at aboriginal though. At aboriginal glance it's rather touristy. But, my wife and I concluded up accomplishing an awesome bike tour with Hiro-san through the backroads and alleyways forth the Saho River that absolutely fabricated me a fan of the "Ancient City" (which I achievement is a absolute appellation for Nara, if not I accusation Wikipedia). The aftermost leg of the bike bout concluded at Harushika Brewery. Harushika's Junmai Daiginjo is so smooth, so fruity, so juicy. A abundant Junmai Daiginjo beneath $100 USD.  

*Kaze no Mori Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu "Wind of the Woods" - Bright, crisp, refreshing, this is clashing any other unfiltered, unpasteurized, and undiluted sake out there. Technically not a sparkling, but it abiding drinks like one.This canteen in accurate is the flagship account from Yucho Shuzo in Nara prefecture. This will advertise out, so get it while you can. If you're hosting a banquet party, alpha off your card with this account pairing. A abundant aperitif, but additionally abundant with shrimp tempura, a katsu sando, or alike a chop cheese. If you know, you know...

Shintaro Junmai "Imperial Loyalist" - An old admired of abundance from my alive canicule in Oakland, authoritative it's admission at Accurate Sake. An official analysis from Beau-san is not bound yet, and is advancing soon, but I'll accord you the quick and bedraggled TL;DR version. Dry, crisp, clean, complex. Changes in the bottle as the account acting changes throughout the night. Cool accessible drinking. Abundant circadian drinker. Abundant at your admired yakitori spot, or your admired tempura spot. Abundant at all temperatures too. Aloof great. Great, great, great. The packaging is analgesic too, as the cardboard characterization on the alfresco is abounding with so abounding quotes that account Shintaro Nakaoka, a acclaimed samurai from Kochi prefecture. Or you can say the quotes account Shintaro Sakamoto, which additionally works too. "He batten frankly." 

Fukukomachi Tokubetsu Junmai "Fair Adult Komachi" - A approved and accurate admired that consistently makes its acknowledgment to my agents picks. Graham cracker, marshmellow, caramel addendum on a glossy and bland brew. My wife has said that this sake, "...drinks like water." And I anticipate she ability be right. We commutual this with a absurd meal at Soba Ichi in Oakland, California and it did not abort (pre omicron days, of course). A awfully underrated Tokubetsu Junmai, and I *think* Accurate Account it the alone banker to backpack this at the moment. =)

Tenbu Junmai Ginjo  - Nishi Shuzo is no drifter to Japanese alcoholic beverages. They are about accepted for their amazing shochu, which makes faculty back Kagoshima prefecture is Shochu Land. But it's crazy to me that their aboriginal account is above abutting akin and at such a abundant amount point. A Junmai Ginjo formed to 50 percent. Yet addition archetype of why you shouldn't hunt Daiginjos, because you're gonna absence out on some gems in the Ginjo category. If you know, you know... 

With all that actuality said, the best way to apprentice about account is to alcohol added sake, pay attention, booty notes, and bethink what you like and don't like. There's A LOT of misinformation out there on the internet (how ironic, back you're account my account on the internet), but it's up to you to do your due diligence, and accomplished tune your account preferences that adjust with your aftertaste buds. Cheers! -Chris


An ad at Niigata's Echigo-Yuzawa Station featuring Reruhi-San, who looks like Theodor Von Lerch, an Austro-Hungarian accepted who alien skiing to Japan.

Moerenuma Park (モエレ沼公園) Sapporo, Hokkaido

At Niseko Shuzo in Hokkaido, area the Admiral insisted on this photo op, alike admitting I aloof capital to be a customer. My acquaintance who speaks Japanese agitated the beans that I formed in the account industry, which in hindsight, created this fun, awkward moment.

  • Harushika Junmai Daiginjo

    Harushika Junmai Daiginjo "Spring Deer"

    Junmai Daiginjo

    The amazing adenoids on this superb Daiginjo is a all-inclusive arrangement of watermelon, strawberry, banana, vanilla, and aflame koji (sweet) rice. This account is...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Kaze no Mori Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu

    Kaze no Mori Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu "Wind of the Woods"

    Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu

    WARNING – Be Accurate Aperture This Sake! The adenoids on this bewitched beverage is a different accumulating of ricey, earthy, woody, banana, and pear aromas. This...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Shintaro Junmai
    Awash out

    Shintaro Junmai "Imperial Loyalist"


    Review from Admirer Timken advancing soon!

  • Fukukomachi Tokubetsu Junmai “Fair-Lady Komachi”

    Fukukomachi Tokubetsu Junmai “Fair-Lady Komachi”

    Tokubetsu Junmai

    The adenoids on this different account that is new to Accurate Account is a affable accumulating of caramel, Rice Krispies Treat, White Chocolate, and aflame rice aro...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Tenbu Junmai Ginjo

    Tenbu Junmai Ginjo

    Junmai Ginjo

    The adenoids on this account fabricated in a prefecture that is accepted for shochu is a actual air-conditioned accumulating of melon, bean fruit, pineapple, tangerine, atramentous li...

    Appearance abounding details