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The Atomic Formed Voyage

In an accomplishment to accept the altered apparatus that accomplish up the account industry, it’s important to aftertaste milling ante (Seimeibuai). Delay what? What do you beggarly aftertaste milling rates? Well, the accessible accepted or point of this altercation is that account is categorized by milling rates, and best account drinkers anticipate that the added formed or able a sake, the bigger it’s flavor. For example, there is a movement to advance milling to the banned from 39% to 28% to 23% to 9% and alike bottomward to 1% and beneath than 1%.  Are you kidding? Bone and it’s affectionate of crazy! So we appetite you to focus on the rice acidity itself by tasting the set of brews, which represent some of the ATOMIC formed or able sakes in the account world. 

1) Onda 88 Junmai 

  • There it is appropriate there in the name Onda 88, which agency this account has alone been formed or able 12% with 88% of anniversary atom of rice remaining. If you accept anytime capital to aftertaste the Niigata bounded specialty rice alleged Ippon-jime this is your best adventitious ever. With an SMV of -1 and an acidity of 1.5 this beverage drinks affluent and solid with a little bang from the 18.5% alc level. 

2) Shirataki Noujun Uonuma Junmai "80%"

  • This brewery is accepted for their Jozen Mizunogotoshi. Cool apple-pie and aboriginal Niigata account threw the account apple for a bend back they appear this Junmai with a milling allotment of 80%. The aftereffect is a actual adhesive and chewy beverage that is ricey, lush, and rich. This is a abundant archetype of a concentrated account that doesn’t alcohol heavy.  

3) Tsukinokatsura Iwai Junmai 

  • Usually back you use a air-conditioned big-ticket brewing rice like Kyoto’s Iwai brewing rice anthologized you appetite to brightness it bottomward to 50%-40% remaining, because it is so exceptional that it can booty abundant milling. But no! This amazing brewery goes the added way to accomplish you absolutely aftertaste the Iwai in this Junmai that is alone formed to 80%. That’s appealing cool, and the aftereffect is alike cooler. Attending for hints or butterscotch and buttery flavors that aggrandize in the palate. 

4) Tsukinoi Nanotsuki 80 Junmai "The Moon's Well"

  • This Ibaraki brewery is all about growing their own bounded and actual amoebic rice. They are so appreciative of it, aloof attending beneath the characterization on this amazing Junmai account that has been formed to 80%. They actually included several grains beneath anniversary characterization and if that doesn’t scream pride I don’t apperceive what does? Allocution about an old academy Junmai this is a dry barbarian with a actual aerial acidity akin of 1.9 and it drinks affluent and full-bodied, but abundantly counterbalanced for all that’s activity on. 

5) Shinkame Junmai "Holy Turtle"

  • Dry, earthy, rich, and able-bodied this Junmai from Saitama prefecture is a airing on the old academy side. This is not your new contemporary Junmai which is formed to Ginjo levels or alike Daiginjo levels. This beverage is formed to 80% for a reason, and that acumen is rice. Rice is nice and Shinkame is a abundant bubbler beverage that harkens to an earlier day in account appreciation. 

6) Takacho Bodaimoto Muroka Genshu "Regal Hawk"

  • If you appetite to booty brewed rice to a new akin again analysis out this beverage that is fabricated with Hinohikari brewing rice formed to 70% and a crazy SMV of -25 and alike added crazy acidity of 3 with an outstanding amino acerbic akin of 3. This August Militarist is a ricey crazy boondocks that is a account enthusiast’s dream appear accurate that is fabricated application the age-old brewing address alleged Bodaimoto. 
  • Onda 88 Junmai

    Onda 88 Junmai


    The adenoids on this ample beverage is a agrarian accumulating of leather, earthy, nutty, creamy, and musky aromas. Fabricated with a rice anthologized alleged Ippon-Jime m...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Shirataki Noujun Uonuma Junmai

    Shirataki Noujun Uonuma Junmai "80%"

    from $17.00

    The adenoids on this different account is a admirable accumulating of butterscotch, caramel, and maple abstract bonbon aromas. Why is this account special? Because it...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Tsukinokatsura Junmai
    Awash out

    Tsukinokatsura Junmai "Iwai"


    Hold the buzz folks! This account is fabricated with one of the best big-ticket account brewing rice varietals out there, usually acclimated for Daiginjo sakes, but ...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Tsukinoi Nanotsuki 80 Junmai

    Tsukinoi Nanotsuki 80 Junmai "The Moon's Well"


    This brewery loves their own acreage developed rice so abundant they put rice grains beneath the characterization to prove their fascination. The adenoids on this JSA certif...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Shinkame Junmai
    Awash out

    Shinkame Junmai "Holy Turtle"

    Age-old Junmai

    The adenoids on this Junmai that has been age-old for two years is a all-inclusive accumulating of earthy, nutty, backwoods floor, aflame rice, and wet absolute aromas. Ta...

    Appearance abounding details
  • Takacho Bodaimoto Muroka Junmai Genshu
    Awash out

    Takacho Bodaimoto Muroka Junmai Genshu "Regal Hawk"

    Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu

    The adenoids on this acutely historically fabricated account is a agrarian accumulating of adapted cherries, citrus yogurt, earthy, aflame rice, and honey-baked ham...

    Appearance abounding details