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Acquittance Policy

Due to the attributes of sake, we do not acquire booze returns. If for some acumen your account commitment was damaged or absent during aircraft you accept 5 canicule from the date of the commitment to acquaint us, and we will address the artefact afresh or accommodate for an barter of according amount at our discretion. If 5 canicule accept gone by back your date of the delivery, we cannot, unfortunately, action you a backup or exchange. We do not action any reimbursements if the aesthetics of the account are damaged.

Shipping fees are usually never refundable already the amalgamation leaves our store. We allegation a reshipment fee if your amalgamation has bootless to complete commitment and is alternate to us due to the disciplinarian not able to access a signature from addition 21 or earlier at the time of delivery.
Orders will be refunded beneath a 40% restocking fee if the adjustment refuses to pay for a reshipment fee.

All sales are final for any decaying items. We accept the appropriate to account which items are perishable. Although we do our best to acquaint you afore acquirement or address out, you are amenable for the risks for purchasing and/or aircraft decaying items. We will alone action a acquittance or backup for burst or absent packages.

All orders placed as "Hold for Abundance Aces Up" charge be best up aural 30 days. Any orders that are not picked-up aural 30 canicule will be refunded beneath a 40% re-stocking fee.

We do not crave affidavit that your commitment has been damaged or absent but will book a accident address with the commitment account already you address it. We will action your new addition and/or accommodate acclaim for an barter aural bristles canicule of your contacting us about the issue. We will ask for affidavit if analysis is needed.

Please acquaintance us at (415) 355-9555 or email us at [email protected] to address damaged appurtenances so we can as acknowledge as bound as possible.